‘Bengal ready for police reforms’

Kolkata, Sept. 21: At a time when the state government has been keeping mum on the issue of forming a State Security Committee and separation of law and order from investigation, Md Salim, MP Lok Sabha today said the CPI-M led state government is ready to take up police reforms as a pilot project in West Bengal. He was addressing a seminar on Police Reforms organised by the India Institute of Mass Communication and APVW School of Media and Policy Research and supported by International Committee of Red Cross at the Taj Bengal Hotel here. Md Salim said: “We may take up police reforms as a pilot project but cooperation of other states is also needed.” Stressing on the need of a gamut of reformations such as economic, judicial and land, Md Salim said that police reforms are also imperative with other reforms. “Police reform is a need of the hour and should be taken up. It cannot be prescribed unlike economic reforms but has to be taken up keeping citizen’s benefit in mind,” he said. Commenting on the death of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, the encounter specialist, who died in the recent Delhi shootout, he said: “The valour of the cop is undeniable but police should not be all about a macho officer saving us, internal security has to be strengthened and police should be institutionalised. And this makes police reform even more important”. Mr Shyamal Kumar Sen, Chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission said that police reforms are needed since police should be independent of the executive that often uses it for their own vested interest.”



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