Divinity defined

After the Saraswati Puja was over, a colleague went for idol immersion at the Sova Bazaar ghat. There were two idols, one from the last year’s puja and one from this year. She had gone along with her father. Having worshipped the idol for quite sometime, it was not very easy to let them go. However, two of them took off all the extra ornaments ~ bangles and necklaces ~ that the colleague’s mother had adorned the idol with.They then bid the goddess adieu. The idols had not gone very far from the ghat, when a man plunged into the river and pulled out one of the idols. Surprised, the colleague ran up to the man and asked him why he did that. The man said that it would be used a mould for making idols for the pujas next year. Perplexed, the colleague stood there, while the man tore off saree and hair from the idol that was not hers anymore.


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