Home sweet home

Just who would bear to see his house or shop being pulled down in front of him? The street-dwellers of Kolkata are exceptional. While one of our colleagues was out on her usual aimless strolls in Salt Lake, she noticed a small girl walking with a torn kite. The child was walking charmingly humming a song when the colleague tried to strike a conversation with her. She talked for a while, shy and reserve with an intermittent burst of laughter on being offered to listen to the song she was humming on my colleagues mobile phone. She played with the cell phone for a while only to pull away the head phones on hearing a distant noise. “Hallagari!” she screamed and gave another shot of laughter before running towards the place where a bulldozer was pulling down her shanty. The colleague followed her and found her with other children hopping and clapping as each roof crashed down. While her mother like other men and woman were busy collecting their belongings, others just stood by discussing everyday life. It is a wonder how they have learned to live that way. The colleague left the children clapping as one by one their shanties broke down.


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