Love of para

Not much is felt of a para-culture in Salt Lake, well usually. With neighbours oblivious of each other’s presence and otherwise nuclear houses and flats that somehow seem always shut and desolate. This remoteness is probably unique to Salt Lake and makes quite a few crave for the “para concerns’ of north Kolkata and some parts of south Kolkata as well. But recently, Saraswati puja broke the ice with a group of enthusiasts, who called themselves a part of EE Block youth group, knocking at everybody’s door to inform of the programme they had organised to be celebrated with family and friends ~ Diya’ 09. A majestic pandal and a beautiful pratima drew huge crowd since people of all age groups found a common platform to pay obeisance to the goddess. Tiny tots dressed in sari and kurta flocked the puja premises and people got chance to know each other. The fun spilled to the next day as well with singer belting out popular numbers in the evening. The people poured out of their homes and the otherwise desolate looking block ground was buzzing with people. At the end, the aloof people of Salt Lake had a taste of belonging to the place they live and hope that such occasions come again.


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