Lovers’ paradise

Parts of Salt Lake can be called a lovers’ paradise. With Nalban, City Centre, the desolate streets and the famous Central Park (Banabitan), it is worthy of being called so. Each of these places has specific visitors to cater for. And when one says that they usually make an exception of the holidays. On Sundays or a national holiday, families can be seen visiting these places but on the other days, the lovers have it to themselves. Recently, when a colleague chose to stop near a tea stall near the gate of Central Park, she was surprised to find the stall owner selling plastic sheets and old newspapers. On being asked the purpose of selling them, the stall-owner said that the couples buy these stuff before going inside. With love struck people lost in each other’s embrace from 10 a.m. till 5-6 p.m, Banabitan is lovers’ paradise indeed!


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