Men and manners

Few men are good photographers and some of them are even better spies. A colleague has often come across men who try their photography skills at Metro Stations, markets, and even at tea stalls capturing unaware women in their camera-enabled cell phones. They would pretend that they are actually admiring the screen of their phones when all they are doing is trying to take a snap of a woman and when she realizes that she has become a muse for an amateur photographer, the men blissfully pretend that they were actually playing with their phone. Once the woman looks away the person again pursues his subject of photography. Recently, when a colleague faced a similar situation she walked up to the person who was trying to take a photograph of hers and told him that if he thinks himself to be so good at it, then he should prove it and she would bless his entire phone memory with her snaps. The man, taken aback being confronted publicly, couldn’t speak a word and hurriedly got off at the next stop from the Metro they both were travelling in. In another instance, she found a stranger on a bike following her friend’s cab right from Park Circus to Dum Dum. One wonders, when the world seems to be so busy, how one finds the time to engage in such activities. The colleague wished she could join the leisurely lot.


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