A few cops seem to be too vigilant about their duties when it comes please somebody or when they have to avail free transport in an auto or a bus without paying on a pretext that they are going for an important work. But when it comes to upkeep order in absence of vested interest, they are nowhere to be seen. Once a colleague called at a police station to inform that construction work was being carried out somewhere near her house at 2 am. The noise had kept all the people in the buildings nearby awake and had been quite a menace for the examinees preparing for their HS examination. When the cop who received the call got to know that the colleague works for a newspaper, the police jeep arrived within minutes. However, once when the colleague was passing the Bidhannagar (east) thana in a richshaw at 8 pm, a man in plain clothes standing with two men in uniform made a lewd comment at her. All that the cops did was laugh. One wonders whom to trust and whom not to when in distress.


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