Strange meetings

Calcutta University is a place where one would get all the flavours. Boring classes or no classes, even CCD-Barista crowd addicted to the dingy canteen, tea-seller getting sherbets on special request, pedestrians who got tired and just want to sit somewhere for some time, those who could not get over their college days, students who suddenly switch over to dhoti-kurta from monkey-wash jeans for elections. But a colleague who had been doing her Masters’ there was surprised when she was tapped on her shoulder by a beggar who had walked up to her class seeking alms. He kept asking for money from students who were busy chatting in the inter-class hours and having collected an amount hastened away to the next class room. When the colleague asked some of her classmates whether the person a frequenter there, it was learnt that he is the university-specific beggar. He has been begging here for years.


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