Lost Wetlands

Wetland Day celebration in Nalbal food court, Salt Lake, proved that no body really cares for wetlands anymore. A colleague who had gone to attend the programme said that the state fisheries minister Kironmaya Nanda and the other invited guests did not let the programme begin as the function was organised on open ground and the sun was beating down harsh at the time newsmen and other people were invited. The minister was not in the mood to talk to the media persons. The programme started one and a half hours late after the minister realized that any more delay would ward the audience away. The time printed on the cards was 2 pm, which was later, changed to 3 pm. The programme ultimately began at 4.30 pm with the minister releasing fish in the Nalban Lake. A few metres away was an enclosure for aquariums. The aquarium in which an eel was kept was in a pathetic condition. The colleague wished the minister had released the poor eel into the water.


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