Bus conductors are no less than high court judges in temperament. Recently, a colleague traveling in bus route 237 had a harrowing time after a scuffle broke out in the moving bus between drunken passengers and another man who was out of senses not because of liquor but since the conductor to whom he had gone for justice was also found drunk. The altercation had ensued near the ladies’ seat after a few drunken men boarded the bus. They pushed another passenger who begged the conductor to throw the drunken men out. The conductor in the gait of lord almighty proclaimed “all are equal for me. I will not push any one out. Who says drinking is bad?” The conductor too was drunk. The sane passenger then challenged the other two and threatened to call police. They scurried away soon but the conductor kept on defending them only to be silenced by an elderly woman sitting near the entrance who complained of stench emanating from him and the told the conductor to keep quite.


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