A Salt Lake afternoon…

Eunuchs generally don’t visit door to door and ask for gifts or money unless there is a wedding or a child is born. But recently, a colleague who stays in Salt Lake said that a eunuch visited her house and asked for used clothes and city-gold jewelleries. The eunuch, Putul, had just pressed the doorbell and asked aloud: “Is there any ‘guardian’ in the house.” The colleague went out to answer. Putul said she wanted used clothes, old cell phones, city gold jewelleries etc. The colleague collected some of her belongs which were either too flashy or did not fit her anymore and gave it to Putul who then carefully sifted through them. She discarded most of them and said they were boring (as they were mainly Khadi Kurtas). The colleague’s mother gave a sari that she accepted. She also liked the tribal Jewellery that the colleague had collected over the years and wanted to give away as they look too flashy now. She wore one of them and gave a satisfying smile. Then she carefully picked the earrings. After all this she asked for some donation. The colleague gave her some money. Then she called the colleague’s mother and told her to take an oath. She said: “You shall never scold your daughter. Never stop her fro doing anything. She will earn 20-30 Lakhs. You will let her marry the man she chooses.” Then she whispered to my colleague: “If your mother harasses you, call me. I will come with my group and will giver her a dose.” She also told her to come to Karunamoyee as they will be having a function there. She said my colleague would be made the chief guest.
She had said that she is an AIDS patient. She also said: “The doctor who comes to visit our clinic is very handsome. Would you like to marry him?” When my colleague said she has already chosen whom to marry, Putul blessed her and pushed off. Have got too much to digest after the lunch, my colleague headed straight towards the bed to catch an afternoon nap.

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