Jackson in Jadavpur

A 23-year-old ardent admirer of Michael Jackson came to meet a colleague of mine. She said she had been celebrating the star’s birthday since she was eight-years-old. Every year on 29 August, she organizes a party which other people of the same locality comes to attend. Cake is cut and then the revelers are given cakes, pastries and other biscuits to savor. MJ’s songs are played. She claims to possess all this of his music and memorabilia. The resident of Jadavpur said that she wanted to transcend from the small parties and now that Jackson is no more, people should know how his admirers still cherish his memories. She said her mother, also an MJ fan, always inspired her and helped her carry in with the attempts. No, she would not do anything on his death anniversary as for her MJ is not dead. He lives through his songs. She went to various newspaper houses, gave hand-made invitation card that was ultimately lost in the heap of other glossy invites flooding media organizations. “It doesn’t matter whether people get know about my endeavors. The party would go on,” she said.

Soma Basu


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