Winged visitors

On CR Avenue, there is a small broken temple, hidden amidst shops, where the commuters get to see a rare scene. No matter when one visits the place, between MG Road and Girish Park, hundreds and thousands pigeon and doves pick on grains scattered by the locals. A colleague who takes that route to come to office said that many a times she has seen old and tired men sitting there comforted by the fluttering birds. Many a times she has seen photographers with heavy cameras, waiting patiently to capture the right frame. Street children playing with the birds, so many in numbers that it looks like waves of wings, could also been spotted. Whenever, a bus or taxi passes through the area, all eyes fix on the scene. And, why not? Isn’t it strange indeed to see so many birds amidst the concrete jungle of the city?

Soma Basu


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