CPM calls its supporters Sunderban tigers

KOLKATA, 24 OCT: The minister for land and land reforms, Mr Abdur Razzak Molla, today called his party supporters in Kulipara “Sunderban tiger” and warned the Trinamul Congress that if these supporters are rubbed on the wrong side, the party would not be responsible for their action. He was addressing a gathering of more than 2,000 people at a protest meeting called at Hatgacha near Kulipara today.
The CPI-M heavyweights started a war of words with the Trinamul supremo, Miss Mamata Banerjee, calling her supporters hyenas, jallad and dacoits from Chambal. Not only did they repeatedly slam her for alleged mismanagement of the railways, they also issued a warning that if the Trinamul Congress keeps away from the all-party peace meeting called at 11 a.m. in Bidhannagar on 26 October, “the people in Kulipara will be forced to take whichever way they want, to chase away troublemakers from the area.”
Mr Molla said: “Trinamul Congress is trying to restore power in the hands of the landowners in the area. They are facilitating exploitation of economically-backward fishermen of the area.” He asked the locals to be prepared with brooms, if needed, to ward off Trinamul goons.
Referring to the tension in Lalgarh, Sashan and Canning, he said Trinamul is targeting areas that are CPI-M dominated. Just like cock fights, she is playing with the lives of the poor people for her own political interest. “She dreams of Writers’ Buildings. She has Z+ category security as Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has Z+ security. I would request her to fight with Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee directly and spare the innocent people,” he said.
Reacting sharply to Miss Banerjee’s allegation that CPI-M is behind the railway accidents and Metro mishaps, Mr Mollah said: “Does she think all CPI-M supporters are train drivers?” Trains used to derail, now Metro trains are derailing, soon Miss Banerjee’s dreams to become the chief minister will also be out of track. If she is able to fulfil all the job promises, I will quit CPI-M and join Trinamul,” he said.
Mr Tushar Ghosh, senior CPI-M leader, said: “Mamata wears hawai chappals but her “beloved sons” (party supporters) are selling off Vedic Village land. Look at the wealth they have amassed in Uluberia.” He said that “the enemies have to be ousted. Protest meet is not enough. We should be holding victory meet after chasing the enemies out.” The money collected as commission from the bheris goes to Trinamul Congress and Mr Arabul Islam and Mr Sujit Bose is stocking arms and ammunition bought from that money to terrorise people, he alleged. The meet was also attended by Mr Amitava Nandi, the state transport minister, Mr Ranjit Kundu, Mrs Ramola Chakraborty and local councillor Mrs Ila Nandi.

Trinamul leaders boycott peace meet
A day before the all-party peace meet called by the Bidhannagar sub-divisional officer (SDO) to discuss the situation in Kulipara off Salt Lake, Trinamul Congress leaders boycotted the meet.
The meet called by SDO, Mr Ashoke Das, was to be held in Mayukh Bhavan at 10.30 a.m. tomorrow. Though, the SDO had not yet been informed in written, the vice-chairman of the Bidhannagar Municipality, Mr Sabyasachi Dutta, said that they will not attend the meet as they have no faith in the administration anymore. “We had demanded the arrest of Prafull Mondal against whom an FIR has also been lodged. Police had been guarding the house of the person who killed Balai Mondal. What solution should we expect from the meeting?” he said.
The SDO is also the executive officer of the municipality, if he wants the Trinamul Congress to attend the meet, he will ask the leaders in the municipality, added Mr Dutta. “On the night of 12 August, when people were being beaten up in the area by CPI-M goons, I had discussed the matter with SDO and the Bidhannagar ASP and yet there was no solution,” he said.
Mr Asim Dasgupta, state finance minister, today said that the meet was called by the administration and boycotting it shows the “petty state of mind” of the party leadership of Trinamul Congress. On the night of 12 August, local goons, allegedly CPI-M supporters, had beaten up several youths and women in Kulipara for assembling and holding a meeting.

Soma Basu


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