Pregnant cow left to die gets a new life

KOLKATA, 4 DEC: After a diseased pregnant cow left on the road to die has been rescued and healed by a few kind-hearted people, several people are to be found making false claims on it.
A pregnant cow was seen roaming in Survey Park, Santoshpur, for a month with a maggot-infested wound on one of its legs. On 14 October, it gave birth to a calf (see sns photo) in a children’s park in Survey Park and remained there, unable to move. Maggots were eating into the cow’s legs, tongue and uterus. The calf lay unconscious beside its mother with maggots all over its navel.
People disgusted at the ugly sight looked away but Dr Mahnaaz Warsi, a social worker, took the ailing cow and the calf to her NGO ~ Prem-e-Asha. A veterinary physician was called to treat the cow and the calf.
“A cow comes for Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000. This one even had a calf with it. Probably because the owner did not want to spend money on its treatment, he left the animal to die on the road,” said Dr Warsi, adding after the cow and the calf were cured several people from the locality have been making false claim on them.
After the condition of the cow became stable, Dr Warsi called up Ms Sukanya Bhattacharya, in-charge of the Animal Shelter, Hospital and Research Institute (Ashari), situated at Mukundapur off EM Bypass. Soon, a vehicle was arranged for the animals to be shifted to the shelter.
The police officers of Survey Park and East Jadavpur police stations were informed that the NGO has found a cow and that the owners may contact Dr Warsi.
“But, we also requested the officers to make a proper inquiry about the claimants as cows are expensive and anybody may be lured to claim it,” she said. Till now, more than five people have contacted Dr Warsi claiming that the cow belonged to them but on inquiry it was found that they had been lying.
Ashari has taken over further treatment of the cow and the calf. Ms Bhattacharya said: “They are recovering fast. We have named the cow Raabri and the calf Laali. They are happy with other cows in the shelter and the calf plays around with other animals.” Dr Warsi and Ms Bhattacharya said that the cow is available for adoption. But the calf and the cow would be given to people who will take care of the animals and not leave them on the road to die when they are ailing.
“Apathetic attitude of city people towards animals is unbelievable. People tend to forget that cows, dogs or cats are living creatures and they are a part of the bio-diversity,” she added.

Soma Basu


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