Explore the Amazon’s rich treasures

KOLKATA, 24 DEC: Science City has brought the marvels of the Amazon, the mightiest river in the world, that is home to more than 65,000 different species of fish and plants, to the city with the screening of the Academy Award-nominated 40-minute large-format film at its Space Theatre.
The film would be screened every hour at India’s largest and first space theatre at Science City for a week. The first public show will begin at 11.30 a.m. tomorrow.
The Amazon is the lifeblood for several civilisations and home to more than 5,000 species of fish and more than 60,000 species of plants that live on its banks. The large-format film, directed by the Academy Award-winning Kieth Merrill, takes audiences on a journey of discovery of the river’s wonders, inhabitants and remarkable healing powers. For centuries, the mighty Amazon has been the obsession of explorers, scientists and anthropologists the world over. Amazon was filmed entirely in the Amazon Basin and features narration by Academy Award-winning actress Linda Hunt, with music by Alan Williams. In addition to being a journey of discovery, Amazon is also a captivating story of two “medicine men,” from vastly different worlds, who share a common quest. The film follows tribal shaman Julio Mamani and American ethnobotanist Dr Mark Plotkin on their searches for the medicinal qualities of native plants.
Filmgoers are also guided through the Amazon region. From its source high in the Andes, through rain forests across South America, they are introduced to an exotic menagerie of animals, including the jaguar. In addition, viewers become part of a “you-are-there” experience with several water creatures.

Soma Basu


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