Child missing after abusive father takes him away from grandmother

KOLKATA, 6 JUNE: A child whose mother was continuously beaten up by his father before she finally died has gone missing after his father forcibly took him away from his grandmother and maternal aunts.
Nobody knows the whereabouts of Shabbir Ali Ansari (5). His grandmother and aunts have been running from pillar to post to know where he is at the moment. Each time they ask the child’s father, Faiyaz Ali Ansari, he threatens to kill them with hired goons in Metiabruz.
The child’s grandmother, Mrs Rashida Hai, has lodged a complaint with the Garden Reach police station. According to the complaint, 27-year-old Naseeba Hai was married eight years ago to Faiyaz Ali Ansari, a resident of Metiabruz. A local matchmaker fixed the marriage. On the day of marriage, Faiyaz demanded that the furniture sent as dowry be replaced with expensive ones of his choice. The delay of merely a week invited extreme physical and mental torture for Naseeba.
Faiyaz left for Abu Dhabi for work and demanded money for his travel and stay there from Mrs Rashida Hai. After Faiyaz left for Abu Dhabi, Naseeba’s in-laws threw her out of the house and sold off her flat, furniture and jewellery.
Naseeba started staying with her mother as Shabbir was just born. Her husband would visit her and beat her up every now and then. He also threatened Naseeba that he would throw acid on her face. Naseeba, scared of an attack on her and her family members, lodged a complaint at the Garden Reach police station on 13 September 2011 and complained that if anything happens to her, her in-laws and her husband should be held responsible. When Faiyaz continued to harass her, she lodged another complaint on 31 January 2012.
When Shabbir was barely four years old, Naseeba decided to seek divorce from her husband and to sustain herself after separation, she joined a course for Diploma in Laboratory Technology (DLT) at the School of Tropical Medicine. Soon, with continuous torture, Naseeba lost her mental balance and on doctor’s advice had to be sent to Gujarat, where one of her sisters lived. Naseeba died in Gujarat this February. After her death, Faiyaz reached Gujarat with a number of goons and took away his son who did not want to live with his father whom he had seen beating up his mother. Naseeba’s results for the DLT course had come out recently and she has secured very good marks.
After Faiyaz took Shabbir away, there is no trace of the child. Mrs Rashida Hai fears for the life of the child as Faiyaz had no love for him and was going to marry another woman soon.
“I brought up Shabbir since he was born. I am scared to think what may befall him at Faiyaz’s place. He was always aloof from his father. Faiyaz, his mother and his brother used to beat up Shabbir very often. I just don’t know where to find him,” said Mrs Rashida Hai with tears welling up in her eyes.
Faiyaz roams scot-free with his band of hoodlums and continues to threaten  Rashida’s family. “I think Shabbir has been confined in Faiyaz’s house. The child at least needs to be sent to school,” added Mrs Hai.
A senior officer of the Garden Reach police station said that they would soon take action and Mrs Hai’s family would be given full protection.

Soma Basu


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