Yamuna set to cross danger mark in Delhi

Heavy rains in the upper reaches of Yamuna and record release of water from Hathinikund barrage in Haryana have caused the river to rise above the danger mark.

The monitoring station of Central Water Commission (CWC) at Mawi in Haryana recorded water level at 231 metre at 2:30 pm. It is expected to rise to 231.75 metre (m) by 3 pm tomorrow. The danger mark at Mawi is 230.85 m.

In Delhi, the Yamuna rose to 202.42 m at the Old Railway bridge at 2 pm. It is expected to rise to 207.20 m by 10 pm on Tuesday. The danger mark for Delhi is 204.83 m. According to CWC officials, the water level may rise further.

Till Monday morning, 800,600 cusecs of water, the highest volume at any given point till date, had been released from Hathnikund barrage. During the devastating floods of 1978 in Delhi, the water released from Hathnikund Barrage was around 700,000 cusecs; the Yamuna water level in Delhi had risen to 207.49 metre then.



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