Hydropower projects suffer severe damage

Photo: Soma Basu
Photo: Soma Basu

In the aftermath of the Uttarakhand floods, a number of hydroelectric projects that had been constructed on the Ganga have suffered serious damage.

The state hydel power development corporation, Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited (UJVNL), suffered a loss of total Rs 77 crore. It also suffered an additional Rs 50 crore loss in power generation.

19 small hydropower projects have been completely destroyed, while others have been damaged by the raging waters (see BOX)

Estimated losses from damage to hydropower projects on the Ganga
Project Location Capacity Estimated Loss
Dhauli Ganga Pithoragarh  280 MW Rs 30 crore (project completely submerged)
Kaliganga I Rudraprayag 4 MW Rs 18-19 crore (power house and 4 houses washed away)
Kaliganga II Rudraprayag 6 MW Rs 16 crore (power house and 4 houses washed away)
Sobla Pithoragarh 8 MW Rs 14 crore (completely washed away)
Kanchauti Pithoragarh 2 MW Rs 12 crore (totally washed away)
Chirkila Pithoragarh 1.5 MW Rs 20 crore (part of the project washed away)
Maneri Bhali I&II Uttarkashi 304+90 MW Rs 2 crore + Rs 5 crore (walls collapsed, silt in barrages)

The total estimated power consumption of the state of Uttarakhand is about 30 million units. Of these, 10.5 million units are provided by UJVNL. The rest of the supply comes from the Central government quota and is also purchased from other electricity providers and states.



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